Beacon Capital Partners had just rebranded 400/450 North Brand Boulevard as “the center of it all,” but the buildings were indistinguishable from each other in their Glendale, California neighborhood. Beacon wanted to differentiate the complex by creating two cohesive, yet distinct buildings, while respecting the work that had just been put into the new branding for the building. With a smaller budget, the team came up with a graphic solution through the use of a bold color palette and image story that brought Glendale's history to life, creating a sense of place, and put the buildings on the map.


Working with existing architecture, branding, and a multidisciplinary team, I was was involved with:

• Extending the new brand mark and color palette into the built  environment.
• Working with the local library, sourcing images to create a history story within the parking garage elevator lobbies.
• Concept, design development, graphic production, and fabrication reviews for the garage breezeway accordion wall experience. 
• Creating consistency in fonts, colors, and materials across the complex.



Studio: ESI Design
Role: Environmental Graphic Designer
Client: Beacon Capital Partners