Westchester County - Valhalla Campus

Westchester County's Valhalla Campus at Grasslands is home to a variety of tenants, from public agencies to New York Medical College and Westchester Medical Center. We were tasked with the undertaking of a identification and wayfinding design standard for the campus in order to minimize the quantity of signs and establish a consistent visual system throughout. A need was expressed by the Medical Center to be incorporated into the greater vehicular directional program, where previously it was understood that the Medical Center would be using their own branded signage program for wayfinding and identification, similar to the Medical College. The County referred to its design consultant, Russell Design, to collaborate with the Medical Center's consultant, Corbin Design to analyze the needs of each client and make recommendations on a method to integrate these needs into one consistent signage program that can be produced on site at the County Sign shop with standard materials.

Russell Design
Role: Environmental Graphic Designer
Client: Westchester County Department of Planning